French Pastry Meets Keto

After losing 60 pounds on Keto, French pastry chef Geri Terry’s mission was simple.

Help people everywhere take control of their weight with mouthwatering Keto products & recipes.

That’s why with the help of her Keto obsessed son, she founded Ketonia.

 Low-carbohydrate diet

As long-time followers of Keto, we were tired of Keto companies promising the world but providing the unpalatable.

Even worse, half of the time, the “Keto” products weren’t even really Keto but packed with hidden sugars.

That’s why over the past five years, we’ve worked tirelessly crafting Ketonia’s premium lineup of Keto products and recipes!

You’re going to be shocked at how delicious the keto diet can be!

Stop paying for overpriced keto products, and pick up a bag of Ketonia. Your waistline will thank you.

What's Cookin?

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Keto Loaded Chicken Nachos

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