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Ketonia Keto FAQs

A.) The Keto diet is a diet that helps initiate a state of nutritional ketosis. In other words, keto switches your body from burning mostly sugar to burning mostly ketones created from fat.

A.) Ketonia's mission is to help our customers find success with the Ketogenic Diet by offering delicious healthy alternatives to traditional baked goods.

A.) There are many ways to know if you're in ketosis. Some physiological signs are changes in body and breath odor. You can also use Blood ketone and Breath Ketone meters. I usually do not encourage using the pee strips as drinking large amounts of water can give you a false negative and discourage you.

A.) Becoming a Ketonian is easy simply join our email list. be sure to join the facebook group Ketonians as well to stay in touch with the Ketonia community.

A.) Ketonia products can be purchased via,, or right here on

A.) Reach out to with your order number and a description of what happened so we can make sure it doesn't happen again. We will immediately ship you a new order or refund your money.

A.) Net carbs can be summed roughly as the carbs that affect blood sugar. You use the equation Net Carbs = Total Carbs - Fiber - Certain Sugar Alcohols like Stevia and Erythritol.

A.) Email with your information and a short rendition of your story and a Ketonia representative will reach out.

A.) The Keto flu is a collection of symptoms that often felt in the initial phase of the ketogenic diet. These host of symptoms are speculated to be caused as your body struggles to convert to a state of ketosis. Some also cite potential changes in electrolyte balance. Make sure you have enough electrolytes. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Also, you can take supplements like MCT oil (Naturally present in Ketonia Coconut Macaroons) or Ketone salts.

Keto pills are usually a combination of various ketone salts. I am not a doctor thus cannot tell you their safety or Uncle Sam will get mad at me. I have taken them. They put me into deeper ketosis. Do I personally think they help me lose weight? No. Do I think they are a great supplement for situations like: workouts & hangovers? Absolutely. 

Keto isn't bad. Not getting all of your nutrients is bad. Not drinking enough fluids or getting enough fiber is bad. However as long as you are smart about your dietary choices there is nothing inherently "bad" about the ketogenic diet. There are studies that show an increase in cholesterol in some people. There are also people like the good folks at that say "Research challenging the ‘cholesterol hypothesis’ concludes benefits from statin therapy have been exaggerated and ‘bad’ cholesterol isn’t the enemy."


At the end of the day TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. 

We are but humble pastry chefs and not medical professionals. 

Keto works by restricting you carbohydrates suffienetly enough to induce ketone production in the liver. Ketones are made from broken down far and are used naturally by the body when fasting.

The Keto or Ketogenic diet uses carb restriction to create a fasting-like state in the body while still eating ample calories. 

The use of ketones for fuel in your body reduces insulin spikes and helps the body shed excess body fat.

Keto is short for Ketogenic.

The Ketogenic Diet was originally discovered as a use for treatment resistant epilepsy but has now broadened into one of the most popular diets in the world.

Renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness the Keto diet is surging in popularity. 

As someone who isn't a doctor I can't tell you what is safe. I can tell you that I have personally been Keto for over 10 years and have not had any health issues. 

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