Happy Keto New Year, Ketonians!

It’s that post-holiday slump. For a lot of us, Christmas and New Year’s is where drinking Baileys and coffee all day and eating pie and the abundance of Christmas dinner leftovers for breakfast seems perfectly acceptable. Hey, it’s the holidays and we all do it. Pie for breakfast should be a societal norm. However, in ours and most doctor’s personal opinions, it may not be best for your health goals. Now that we are fresh into January, what are your New Year’s goals? Weight loss? Healthier doctor’s visits? Where do you want to be this time next year? Do you have a weight loss or health goal in mind for the new year? We can help you get there!  

To make 2020 your best year yet, we at Ketonia are busy as ever preparing delicious home-made keto baked goods to keep your goals on track. Stock up on all your Ketonia favorites so that you are ready to crush your 2020 goals! 

We at Ketonia are here to help you crush your 2020 goals. We are committed to making dieting, the easiest experience for our Ketonia family. Here are some sneak peeks of surprises and more keto & low carb homemade snacks that Ketonia is preparing to launch in 2020: 

Dieting doesn’t have to be giving up the foods you love and being miserable. Getting healthy is about finding a nutrition adjustment that works best for you and your body. Keto doesn’t have to be restricting. It’s about being knowledgeable and fueling your body with the nutrients it’s craving, and finding meals and recipes that taste great and are great for you. Ketonia’s Head Chef, Geri Terry is committed to making keto as effortless as possible for rookie and seasoned dieters. She constantly creates keto-friendly versions, an abundance of keto-fied crowd favorites, and creative and delicious keto originals. Geri’s easy to follow recipes and Ketonia’s keto baked goods will make meal prepping, cooking, and snacking delicious and effortless in the new year. 

As a small and family-owned business, our customer satisfaction is always our number one priority, and we love hearing your feedback! Please keep in touch on social media and tag us in your posts about the products! @KetoniaFoods

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