What Fruit Can I Eat On Keto?

Fruit, also known as nature’s candy. Although fruit has an abundance of health benefits, it’s also very high in carbs– generally not advised to be consumed in large quantities by ketogenic dieters. Generally, it is advised to proceed with caution, as portion sizes can be deceptively small and fruit is undeniably delicious, so the potential for trouble is high. With that said, if you’re craving a fix of fruit there are some choices you can make to minimize the damage and still curb that craving.

1. Avocados – these babies are gold. This is kind of a cop-out for a first-round pick, considering a lot of people think avocados are vegetables and aren’t automatically what you think of if you’re craving something sweet like fruit. They are and around four net carbs per avocado, they are a great low carb fruit. Avocados are a great snack that provides an abundance of health benefits. I recommend fresh avocado slices with ground pepper and some hot sauce.

Understanding The Ketogenic Diet: What Fruit Can I Eat On Keto

2. Blackberries – This fruit is packed with nutrients and at only six grams net carbs per cup of blackberries in moderation can be a great choice as a low carb fruit option.

Understanding The Ketogenic Diet: What Fruit Can I Eat On Keto

3. Raspberries – Much like their relative the blackberry, this tasty fruit sports seven carbs per cup and can definitely find their way into your keto lifestyle. Again, in moderation. 

Understanding The Ketogenic Diet: What Fruit Can I Eat On Keto

Berries in moderation will usually be your best bet to stay in ketosis, but unless you have a measuring cup, pocket scale, or a great eye for portions it’s best to limit fruit altogether. Again, moderation is key here. If you are not prepared to give up fruit, we recommend measuring out your portions to ensure you don’t throw away your hard work in ketosis that week over a few blackberries.

John Terry is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ketonia. As a long-time follower of the ketogenic diet. John handles the entirety of the business operations behind Ketonia as well as all of the client relations. Over the last 7 years of being keto, John has completely immersed himself in the nutrition, literature, and science behind the ketogenic diet to help friends, family, and Ketonians better understand the keto diet.

*John is not a certified medical professional and urges you to consult with your doctor prior to making any diet changes. 

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