How To Know When You Are In Ketosis

Good morning, Keto Fam. It’s your boy, John Terry here with another video. First things first, go follow us on all of our social media @ketoniafoods.

In this video, we’re gonna be talking about how to know when you’re in ketosis. So the first way to tell that you’re in ketosis, and these are the ones that you don’t have to pay anything for, is your breath might start smelling differently and your pee might start smelling differently.

What are Ketone Urine Strips?

Now, if you’re someone who’s like, I need something more concrete than that, then you can go to someplace like a CVS or a Walgreens and get the Ketone urine strips. They come in a bottle. That’s about this big, it’s a little strip. It’s got a little thing on the end, dip your pee on, and then it tells you how in ketosis you are. I go like this because the effectiveness of this is marginal. If you don’t drink a lot of liquids, if you’re pretty consistent, if you don’t drink a lot and you have a fairly, you pee twice a day, every day, that’s it. Then it probably will work for you. If you’re someone like me who pees like five times a day, because I drink an absurd amount of water, then it is going to be pretty useless for you. So if you’re someone who drinks a lot of water or other beverages, and you find that you are nodding ketosis on those strips, don’t trip out. Just try testing yourself, right? When you wake up, the first pee of the day should have all the metabolites from while you were fasting, while you were sleeping. And that should be a much better indicator.

What is a Ketone Breath Meter?

If you still need a little more accuracy, if you’re a little more crazy, there are a couple other routes you can take. You can also do the Ketone breath meter. I’ve never tried one. They look pretty dope, but at a couple hundred bones to purchase and me not really testing myself to being ketosis all that much anymore, cause I just kind of assume that I am, it didn’t seem really that worth it to me.

Can you use Blood Meter to know if you are in ketosis?

The other option that you have is the blood meter. It’s usually the same kind of situation as a blood glucose meter. You prick your finger, you suck the blood up. It tells you how much in ketosis you are down to the million molar. Those are super effective, but also super cost-prohibitive. So if you’re flexing right now, go ahead and do that. As long as you don’t mind pricking yourself with a pin every day. For me not worth it. But then again, neither were the pee strips because I’ve done this for a long enough time that I pretty much just assume.

But those are the ways that you can tell. If you guys have any questions or want anything else covered in a video, email me sales@ketoniafoods, and I would love to help you out.

Y’all have a good weekend.

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