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What is a Keto Flu?

I wanted to do a video to talk to you guys about something called the keto flu. It’s a lot of people find that when they start the ketogenetic diet, especially if it’s your first time doing the ketogenic diet, find that you get kind of flu-like symptoms right at the beginning. It can be constipation, can have cramps, can have heart palpitations. You can kind of feel a little groggy. I just wanted to explain to you that this is normal. This is because your body has been using sugar as its main source of fuel for a long time, probably. And it’s taking some time to become keto-adapted.

What to do when you have the Keto Flu?

So there are some things that you can do to avoid the keto flu. If you are having these issues, the first thing that I always say is to make sure you’re getting enough electrolytes. They have little electrolyte tabs. You can get them at places like HEB or Whole Foods. But if you can’t find those, go with good old Powerade Zero, not the best for your microbiome. But, really sometimes if you’re feeling rough, and you just kind of get that sluggish feeling a lot of times. It’s because the ketogenic diet of its own accord is a diuretic. You may notice that you’re peeing more when you’re getting into ketosis. And because of that, you want to make sure that your electrolyte balance is in the right place.

What are Ketone Salts?

Now, if that doesn’t work, if you’re still like “Man JT, I’m not feeling so hot.”, what I would always say is you can go to your nearest supplement shop. They will usually have some kind of a ketone salt. Basically what this is is just beta-hydroxybutyrate in a salt form. When you take it, it boosts up your ketone levels and that should help alleviate some of these issues that you’re having with the ketogenic flu.

Other remedies to Keto Flu

If you don’t have access to ketone salts, (which you have the internet, that’s how you’re watching me), coconut oil works pretty well and MCT oil works pretty well. The C6 and C8 fatty groups in those break down pretty effectively into ketones in your body naturally. So if you take a shot of MCT oil, it can often help with the keto flu as well.

This has been another keto video from Ketonia. I’m John Terry. Love you guys. See you soon!