Ketonia: The Mother-Son Keto Bakery

Was founded by French pastry chef Geri Terry and her keto-crazed son John. Their mission was simple. Make the absolute best tasting completely keto-compliant food. The results you’ll see throughout this website, on amazon, and all across the nation. 

3rd Party Lab Tested

All of Ketonia’s products are 3rd party lab tested for nutritional content so you know you’re eating something keto. We do this by baking the bread mix into bread using the recipe on the back of the mix then sending that loaf of bread to a laboratory that runs a series of tests to determine its macronutrient content.

We do this for all Ketonia products because we hate food manufacturers who claim to be “Keto” but when you look at their ingredients you see they’re not. We want you to be truly guilt-free when you eat Ketonia products


A lot of people ask how we can say all of that yet have honey as an ingredient for the bread mix. Here is how. The recipe calls for 7 grams of honey and 9 grams of instant yeast. During the proofing and rising process, the yeast eats the honey and creates carbon dioxide which is what causes the bread to rise. Thankfully our Tester-Blinded Lab test proved our hypothesis and you our beloved Ketonians get the only 0 Net Carb Keto Bread and all of the recipes you’ll find in this website!

Thank you!

We appreciate your business and all of the support you guys have given us in our time in Business!

Keto Bread Mix

Ketonia is a bakery committed to helping make the ketogenic diet more enjoyable and more effective. We use healthy fatsto create delicious baked goods so good; even your non-keto friends will love them! Founded by a French pastry chef and her son, a long time follower of the ketogenic diet, Ketonia brings the best in baking and pastry to the forefront of nutrition and health.


Ketonia’s Keto Bread Mix has 0 net carbs per slice. It’s perfect for any Low Carb, Paleo, or Keto Diet. At Ketonia, we know that healthy snacking can be hard. Veteran chef Geri Terry created Ketonia after losing over 40 pounds on keto. Geri’s passion for authentic taste and texture creates a keto bread, unlike any other. 

Our bread is quick and easy to make. Each order also includes 5 video tutorials. French pastry chef Geri Terry teaches you how to make 5 different breads from the same mix. (Bread mix contains oxygen and moisture absorbing packet, remove before baking)

Our Promise

This bread mix also makes pizza dough, cinnamon rolls, Bagels, croutons, and much more. We create new recipes from the bread mix weekly so you’ll never run out of new things to make!


Our goal has always been to help our customers and friends find success on keto. We know our keto bread mix will leave you 100% satisfied. If it doesn’t email or text (281-901-1681) with your order number. We will immediately issue a full refund or send a replacement.