Keto Beef Bone Broth

Keto Beef Bone Broth

Geri Terry
What’s better than some homemade and keto beef bone broth? Bone broth is an excellent flavor addition to a myriad of dishes as well as a great meal full of minerals and low calorie enough to sustain during a fast. It brings out subtle flavors beautiful and adds something extra. Additionally, bone broth is full of nutrients that are great to consume especially on the ketogenic diet. 
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  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line two sheet pans with heavy-duty foil. Spread the bones, onions, garlic, and carrot on the pans, and rub with oil and tomato paste. Roast till brown and caramelized. 20-30 minutes.
  • Using a pair of tongs put the bones and veggies in a large stockpot. Add bay leaves, mushrooms, and tomatoes. DO NOT salt. This will cook for a long time and reduce. What tastes like an appropriate amount of salt now will be too salty once it’s reduced! Cover the stockpot with water and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Once it boils, reduce the heat to a low simmer. Skim foam and fat as it cooks. Don’t let it boil hard or stir a lot as this will make the stock cloudy.
  • Simmer for 8 to 15 hours. I put it on the lowest setting and cover partially with a sheet pan and let it go overnight. The longer you cook the broth, the more your bones break down and release their beautiful and silky collagen. Don’t skip the vinegar, this helps leach the vitamins and minerals from the bones as well. Don’t worry, your broth will not taste vinegary!
  • Remove meat and bone with tongs. Reserve the meat for broth or another recipe. Strain broth through a fine-mesh strainer into a heatproof bowl or another stockpot. Let cool then refrigerate. Once cooled the fat will solidify and can easily be removed from the top of the broth.


I usually break this down into separate containers. I ordered restaurant-style quart and half-gallon size containers from Amazon and they are AWESOME for portioning and freezing things such as stock! Mason Jars and Tupperware work well too.
Here at Ketonia, we will do a “Bone Broth Fast” every once in a while. We will fast all day then enjoy a big bowl of bone broth (with a bit of the reserved meat in it- woohoo!) It is substantial enough to satisfy, and yet low cal and low carb enough to keep you in Ketosis!). My family will do this for a few days (as long as the broth lasts), and I find it puts me in a great place to jump back on the Keto wagon if I’ve fallen off! *Enter Holiday regret here* 
The nutrition facts are flawed here as the calculator doesn’t allow for the fact that all the solids are strained from the broth! I did some internet “sleuthing” and decided to go with Cooking Light Magazine’s explanation:
What Is the Nutritional Value of Bone Broth?
Well, it’s hard to say. The nutritional content of bone broth varies greatly, and changes based on the recipe, type of bones, ingredients, and cooking time. The USDA Nutrient Database states that 1 cup of homemade chicken or beef stock ranges from 31 to 86 calories, 0.2 to 2.9g fat, 4.7 to 6g protein, and varying amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, and other minerals.
Proponents of bone broth state the protein collagen, gelatin, and amino acids such as glycine, glutamine, and proline are what promote joint healing and gut health. However, these aren’t nutrients typically measured or assessed in food analysis. And remember, the amounts of these will also vary among broths and cooking methods.
 You can read the whole article here:
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