3 Easy Keto Beef Recipe Ideas

Are you in the mood for some beef? We’ve got just the thing. These delicious recipes are perfect for a hearty meal.

From burgers to stew, steaks to stir fry, there’s something for everyone. And because beef dishes are often nostalgic, they’re sure to please everyone at the table.

So whether you have the time to let your beef sit and simmer throughout the day or prefer a fresh-off-the-grill filet, we’ve got the best beef recipes for you.

Here are the three best keto beef recipe ideas you need to try:

Keto Beef Stew

Keto Beef Stew

Fun-fact: I used to hate stew when I was young. My mother used to make it every Wednesday and I hated it. Over the years, I came to love it and ironically, my daughter Kat, it’s her favourite dinner now!

Stew is a comfort food for most of us, so here’s my keto version of it. It tastes especially great with our Keto Cheddar Biscuits! By the way, I always like to use my pressure cooker for stew. Mine is really old, but you could easily use an insta pot.

Check out the recipe here.


Keto Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

how to make the best Keto Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

Who knew that sandwiches could be so delicious? I never knew that a hot, juicy roast beef sandwich with homemade brown gravy could taste so good. The key to making this brown gravy recipe is to use the juices from the roast beef to form the base for the gravy. This Keto Hot Roast Beef Sandwich recipe is definitely a keeper!

Check out the recipe here.


Keto Chili

Keto Chili

A steaming bowl of red Texas chili! This dish is full of chili spices and no beans, making it the perfect meal for those who enjoy a little heat. Shredded cheese and sour cream make excellent garnishes, while a bit of green onion provides a nice touch of color. If you’re looking for an extra kick, try adding a minced chipotle pepper to the mix! I’ve been eating this Keto Chili all week and I can’t get enough of it.

Check out the recipe here.


So if you’re looking for some delicious beef recipe ideas, then look no further! Here it is! These recipes are sure to help you achieve your weight loss goals and make your keto journey so much better. Enjoy!


Aunt Ger is our head Chef behind Ketonia responsible for creating the delicious Ketonia products you know and love. Geri strives to create delicious and keto-friendly recipes as well as keto-fy your favorite comfort foods to help you reach your goals and enjoy the keto journey. 

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Let us know what you think of the recipes and which dishes or desserts you would love to see Aunt Ger keto-fy. We love seeing the Ketonia family loving both the recipes and our products. You guys are always our number one priority!

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