How To Go Out To Eat On The Ketogenic Diet

Hey, Ketonians! John Terry here with Ketonia: Ketogenic Foods and Baked Goods. Just wanna give you guys a little video on how to eat out when on the ketogenic diet. But first, go follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @ketoniafoods. We love when you guys share our stuff. So if you do, we really appreciate it. But let’s talk about eating out.

What to eat in a Sit Down Restaurant?

So the first situation that you might find yourself in is eating out at a sit-down restaurant. So at a sit-down restaurant, there are a couple of places you wanna make sure you’re not getting any extra carbs. The first place is the drinks. If you are staying non-alcoholic, I always suggest going with seltzer water or regular water, or diet soda. If you are drinking alcohol, hard liquor with diet soda or water as a mixer is great. You can have a light beer, but know that they do have carbs. The same goes for wine. When it comes to wine, stay with the dryer stuff. Red preferably, but dry always. Fun fact: a Miller Light has about the same amount of carbs as a Michelob Ultra. So if you like to just look normal and not like you’re on a diet, then snag a Miller light. It’s Miller time! (not sponsored by Miller light)


The next place where you can have some situations that can throw you out of ketosis is with your sauces. Sauces often have a lot of hidden sugars, so watch out! Stick with stuff like mustard or mayonnaise that doesn’t have a lot of sugar in them.

Main Entree

The next place that you’re gonna find carbs on your plate is on your main entree. Assuming that you don’t get the breadsticks for an appetizer, cos that obviously is gonna throw you out of ketosis, but I didn’t think I needed to tell you guys that. But I did it anyway, cuz I’m just that kind of guy. At most American restaurants, you’re going to get protein, starch, and a veggie. Politely ask your waiter to switch out your starch for another veggie. They usually don’t have a problem with this because it costs about the same to them. So they don’t really care. Add some butter to it. This is easy as saying, “Hey, do you mind bringing me out some butter, please?” And then they’ll get it to you. It’s crazy. It’s wild stuff. Great times.


The next thing that we will throw you outta ketosis is the desserts. As far as desserts go, there’s not much I can do for you there, cuz there are very few places that do keto desserts. Come home! Have Ketonia Foods and Baked Goods. Do the work for you. We’ll make you some delicious desserts. We got that on lock right now so you just don’t worry about that.

What to eat in a Fast Food Restaurant?

The next place that you might find yourself eating out is fast food restaurants. When you’re doing this, same kind of eye towards the condiments. Make sure you’re not throwing a bunch of ketchup on there. Sandwich places will always make you a salad. You can get burgers without the bun and without the French fries. When you go to an Asian fast-food style place, just go with these steamed veggies and steamed meat, sans any sauces or rice.

I’m trying to think of more fast food places. Mexican food is great because fajitas are awesome. And guac and sour cream and cheese are all low carb. So those are great places. If you’d like to keep it DL that you’re on a diet, Mexican is always a good call because you can just say that you don’t like rice and beans, and that’s why you’re not eating.

What to eat at Family Gatherings?

The most difficult situation that you’re gonna find yourself in as far as staying keto is actually not when you’re eating out at some place professionally done, it is going to be when you are eating out with your own friends and family at a function that they are hosting. My family has not always been super supportive of me being keto, especially when I first started 2011, 2012. There were a lot of “are you sure this diet is healthy?”, “Is this really what you think that’s good for you?” There’s a lot of that. You probably will get some of that too. Smile. They love you. They’re just doing what they think is best for you, but you’re doing what you think is best for you. So you’re staying in ketosis.

Bring a Keto Side

Some of the ways you can avoid having awkward situations. If you bring a keto side, vegetables are great. Zucchini, broccoli, Brussel sprouts. We’ll get you guys some recipes on how to make them taste delicious. And no one will even think about the fact that you are keto as can be while eating them.

Pick and Choose!

The next thing is to pick and choose. If you are at one of the family functions where they let you choose what you’re eating, just stack up them proteins, and coniferous vegetables, and salad, and leave the beans and the mashed potatoes and the rice and all the other stuff like that off your plate. Don’t even give yourself the chance to.

If you are eating at a place where grandma serves you, if you’re bold, just ask them to not give you any of it. If you don’t feel like having that conflict, just don’t eat it. If you’re in one of those situations where they say, “Hey, why didn’t you eat it?” You can either explain it to them. Or you can take a small bite to appease them and assume that you are not going to be doing this every day. So, don’t worry about it.

Bring a dessert!

When it comes to dessert, I think that you should grab maybe a Cranberry Streusel bar from Ketonia and bring it over because I promise that they will not be able to tell that it is a keto dessert and they will love it. And hey, maybe you’ll even be able to convert them over.


So those are kind of the situations that you’ll find yourself in while you’re eating out. If you guys have any questions on any other situations or any questions in general, please hit us up on social media. We would love to talk to you. Y’all have a good day.

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