You don't have to do this alone!

My name is John Terry and I've been there.

Being the son of a french pastry chef means that my weight is something I’ve had to contend with most of my life. Before Geri created the Keto donuts she created regular donuts and as you can see they were also delicious.

I started Keto right out of high school. Being in multiple sports allowed me to easily maintain my weight during high school. But I had started to notice once I wasn’t working out multiple times per day my body stopped responding well to my food choices.

In the months since high school sports ended and heavy drinking (well heavier drinking) began I had gained 30 pounds. I knew that if I didn’t find a solution before I went to LSU I would be 300 pounds before I graduated.

I found my solution in an unexpected place. I found a book called “The Drinking Man’s diet“. It told of a way to drink as much as you wanted, eat steak and not gain weight, count me in!

I asked my mom if she had ever tried a low-carb high-fat diet. She told me that Atkin’s was another low-carb diet and that she had found the diet highly effective but very hard to maintain.

I was determined so I bought a few handles of cheap vodka, a bag of beef jerky, and as many sugar-free redbulls as I could fit in a cooler and headed to Louisiana State University. 

I learned the ins and outs of not only being keto but being dead broke and keto (a skill that would serve me well later in life) 

When I graduated I worked for Merck as a drug rep in the Diabetes field. It was there that I was able to really dive into the science behind the ketogenic diet. 

It also was a major catalyst for me changing how I approached keto and what my goals were. I left behind being a rotgut alcoholic and started to dive into what clean keto and proper health could unlock. 

During the time I was in school my mom was mastering the art of french pastry. She would adapt a lot of the food she made in an effort to get me to come home more and stay out of trouble.

In 2018 after one too many delicious treats, I convinced her to quit her job and create a keto bakery with me, and Ketonia was born.

Along the path to being an Amazon best-selling keto bakery, I’ve had countless friends & customers reach out for advice on the Ketogenic diet.

I have finally pulled the trigger and am making my position as keto guru official and will now be offering full-service Keto Coaching.

Set up a free 30-minute intro consultation with me today! 

We’ll break down your macros, and create your custom optimal diet and exercise routine

As your personal keto coach, I will help you with all of your keto-related questions from exercise to supplements to food and everything in between. 

Have a question about a particular food, just shoot me a text!

Let my 10+ years of low-carb experience take the pain out of the keto diet

I want to be your keto encyclopedia, coach, and partner on your journey to take back your life.

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